This is a little rec list for dark yaoi/slash fiction and art featuring male prostitutes. If that freaks you out, please just hit return now. Why on earth someone would like boywhores? Well, you have to ask my shrink about that, I really wouldn't know. *snerk*

I have rather particular tastes, so not all possible prostitute fics will fit in here. First of all the fic must be reasonably well-written. Second, they must be dark, but not in a "oh poor me, being a whore sure sucks" kind of way. Third, the fic needs to avoid the biggest clichés in a nice sort of way. (Becoming a whore just 'cause you're broke isn't particularly realistic. Geez, just sell something on ebay.) Know a fic I'd like? Please let me know! I'm so starved for this kind of fic that I even rec'ed myself. -_-;

Last update: Aug 14th 2004

Harry Potter

Knockturn in the Rain, by Dayse

List of Harry Potter prostitution fics
Exactly what the title says. Lots and lots of fics for Harry Potter fandom. I have recced those I liked, but maybe you'll find others that are more to your tastes there.

Saturday lovers, by sea

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