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Boys love doujinshi in English
by Zel and Sea.

Welcome the website of supîdo kaeru, Zel and Sea's doujinshi circle! It all started in '03, when Zel mailed Sea to trade doujinshi, and Sea was quick to ask the unsuspecting mangaka if he wanted to make a manga out of her original Boys Love story.


Saturday Lovers, vol. 1

Title: Saturday lovers, vol 01
Size: B5 (Folded & stapled A4 paper)
Pages: 40
Price: €3.00 / $3.00 incl. shipping

It's the beginning of summer in 2075, when Naoki arrives in Rome. On his first night out, Naoki meets the boy who will turn his life upside-down. But who is Adrian anyway, and what should Naoki do when he finds out?



Publishing schedule

Spring '05:
Saturday lovers #2

Spring '05:
Fullmetal alchemist book


Zel - Is really a cat-boy, only no one knows.
Sea - Fell into the whole yaoi thing mostly by accident ("Hm? Lemon? What's that?") way back in '96, and hasn't resurfaced yet. When not studying or catching up with a gazillion anime and manga chapters, Sea likes to make poor, unsuspecting, blond anime boys suffer in her fics.