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Very few of those Gaara gets into a fight with lives to tell about it. Most of them do the same mistake - they see a little kid, and how harmless could that be? Well, I bet they realised... Unless they died too soon, that is. This is a little walk-through of what Gaara did in the manga and anime... and how many he killed.

Uhm... Do I really need to point out that there
are heavy spoilers on this page?

S e i y u u   I n f o

Gaara's voice actor is Ishida Akira, known as the voice of Hakkai (Saiyuki), Kaworu (Evangelion), Mizuki (Prince of Tennis) and FishEye (Sailor Moon). Go check Hitoshi Doi's excellent seiyuu site for more info on Ishida Akira.

M a n g a   W a l k t h r o u g h

This is a summary of the important manga events for Gaara. Not being a main character, he wasn't in all the chapters, but this is most of them.

  • First encounter - chapter 35
    Gaara & Co shows first shows up in manga chapter 35. This is a look at his first meeting with Sasuke and Naruto.

  • The chuunin examination - 39 to 44
    The first part of the chuunin examination, and the first look at Gaara's third eye...

  • The forest of death - 58 to 59
    Gaara, Temari and Kankuro travels through the forest of death so fast the poor mangaka almost didn't have time to draw them... x_x

  • Gaara vs. Lee - 81 to 86
    Gaara vs. Lee in the prelims to the third test... Both poor Lee and the readers are surprised.

  • Interlude - 91 to 92 and 95
    Someone is stupid enough to challenge Gaara... while it's fullmoon, too! Geez. / Something is going on, and Gaara gets so show how happy he is about being nothing but a tool...

  • A reason to exist - 96 to 97
    Gaara tries to kill Lee. Why? Because it proves to Gaara that he is alive! Gaara explains his (less than happy) past.

  • Interrupted battle - 99 and 110 to 115
    Gaara vs. Sasuke. Gaara doesn't do what he's told to do, and the battle ends early as the Sand villages war plans are started...

  • Gaara vs Sasuke - 124 and 127 to 129
    The battle begins again, and Gaara finally starts showing his "true" form as the demon within gains more and more control...

  • What is pain? - 129 to 131
    Flashbacks to Gaara's childhood and how he learned that no one really wants him, not even his parents.

  • Gaara vs. Naruto - 131 to 136 and 138
    Naruto realises he has more in common with Gaara than he first thought. This is the last chapter (for now?) with Gaara.

    Update: As of chapter 187 (October '03), Gaara has not yet returned to the manga.

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    Episode 20 (4) - Episode 21 (11) - Episode 23 (7)
    Episode 24 (12) - Episode 25 (2) - Episode 26 (3)
    Episode 34 (49) - Episode 37 (3) - Episode 38 (3)
    Episode 39 (7) - Episode 43 (8) - Episode 48 (72)

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    This is what happens when you send the good animators on holiday - Gaara looks like an evil stuffed hamster! Aaaagh, my eyes! x_x

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