Name: Gaara
Age: 12
Birthday: January 19th
Shinobi registration number: 56-001
Blood type: AB
Height: 146.1 cm
Weight: 39 kg
Family: Temari, Kankuro and Kazekage.
Country: Sand
Village: Hidden Sand Village
Personality: Cold hearted and cruel, egoistic.
Favorite food: Ground liver, salted tongue
Least favorite food: Sweet bean jelly, marron glacÚ
Favorite word: Jiai. ("I only care about myself")
Would like to fight: Sasuke

Warning: Spoilers for facts (rather than actual events).

Gaara facts:
  • Gaara is said to be possessed by the spirit of Shukaku, an old sand priest. In the manga, they alter between claiming this, and that he's possessed by a sand spirit and a raccoon. So what is it? All in one. There is an old Japanese tale about a raccoon, a kettle, and a priest named Shukaku. You can read it here.

  • Those possessed by the tanuki (raccoon) spirit all suffer from insomnia, and that includes Gaara. This is because the demon within gains more and more control over the host as it sleeps, erasing the real personality and replacing it with the demon's. By staying awake, Gaara manages to remain in control over himself, rather than letting the demon completely take over him. We don't know whether the effect of the demon is irreversible, or if Gaara would return to "normal" should the sand spirit be placed under a seal.

  • The black lines around Gaara's eyes aren't some elaborate make-up, but signs of insomnia.

  • Gaara has a jutsu - sleeping tanuki (tanuki neiri) - that allows him to fall asleep during battle and let the demon take control. In Japanese, "tanuki neiri" literally translates into "fall into a tanuki's sleep" or in other words: to feign sleep. The real life tanuki often uses this strategy when surprised. Interesting to note is that the real tanukis rarely sleep at all - they go into hibernation.

    sea's musings:
  • Gaara yaoi couples - My highly personal opinions about yaoi pairings for Gaara... (There's no point in dissing listing possible het couples, because Temari is his sister, and I can't recall Gaara even talking to another girl.)

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